Preparing for the November General Elections

With the November General Elections right around the corner, many administrators are looking for information that can be shared within their Districts, Schools, and Communities.  USA-Kansas, with help from KanSPRA, has put together a message you can adapt to suit your needs and share within your District.  The message is as follows:

Voting allows each of us to voice our opinion and select who will lead our nation and state. Educators, parents and community members who care about the quality of education in Kansas recognize the importance of voting for candidates who support schools.
This year the decisions we make at the ballot box on November 8th will determine who will write the new school finance formula. Our action to vote (or inaction by not voting) and to be an informed voter will determine who decides the funding available to educate our students. Will you take action by voting? It’s this easy…


1.   Register to VOTE by October 18th.  First, check to make sure you are registered to vote here.  You can fill out a voter registration application electronically here, and must be delivered to your County Election Officer by October 18th.  While it is important to register if you have not already done so, it is equally important to re-register if you have moved or changed your name since the last election.


2.  Request a Mail Ballot.  Mail ballot allows you to vote from home at any time, day or night! Moreover, it allows time to research the candidates’ positions.  Once you are registered to vote, click here to electronically fill out, print, and sign an ‘Application for Advance Ballot By Mail’.  Complete the form and turn it into you County Election Officer anytime between now and November 4th.  Make sure to fill in “General, November 8, 2016” on Section 5 of the form, and you’ll be set to make your vote count in November.  You can begin to cast your mail in ballot up to 20 days in advance of the General Election.


3.   Or Vote Early.  (Superintendents, please research your county’s early voting information and insert the date and the link to finding voting locations below and delete this sentence.)  Early voting in person begins (Nov 1st or in larger counties Oct 19th). Please visit (insert your county’s early voting election website information here) which will provide you the times, dates, and locations to vote early in our county.


4.   Become an Informed Voter!  It can be difficult to track down information on all the candidates, but these groups support public schools and share information about voting history and candidate surveys:  Kansas PTAGame On for Kansas and KNEA.  This November the ballot will also include a retention election for the Kansas Supreme Court Justices, a section which is often overlooked as it resides at the end of the ballot. Retaining Justices that are fair and impartial is critical to public education. Become informed on the Justices up for retention by visiting Kansans for Fair Courts or the USA-Kansas Election Resource Page.

Whether by mail or in person, THANK YOU for voting in the November General Election. By casting a ballot, you will join the generations of great Kansans before us who helped build this state and help ensure a strong Kansas for the generations to come.


General Voter Information

Click Here to View Your Current Legislators

Click Here for a Kansas Voter Registration Form

Click Here to Request a Mail Ballot

Click Here for A Guide to Kansas Secure and Fair Elections (SAFE Act)

Be an informed voter!  While USA-Kansas does not have the resources to vet individual candidates, other organizations supporting public education provide insight on voting history or candidate surveys: Kansas PTAGame On for Kansas Schools and KNEA.

Supreme Court Retention Information

"When the Bench Becomes a Hot Seat", by Dawn Bormann Novascone, an article by KLC Journal

Other Resources

1.  Learn About the Court System


2.  Learn About Kansas Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals Judges on the Ballot and Access Their Published Opinions


3.  Find Out How Kansas Judges and Attorneys Rate Kansas Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals Judges


4.  Watch the Kansas Supreme Court Live or Through Archived Video


5.  Ask a Lawyer


6.  Check Out Justices and Judges Individual Websites and Facebook Pages


7.  Think About the Characteristics of A good Judge- What would you add?

  • Legal/Judicial Experience

  • Educational Background

  • Character/Ethics

  • Temperament

  • Disciplinary Record

  • Service to the Community Impartiality

  • Respect of Colleagues


You can find a list of the Justice and Judges on the November Ballot at: