What's possible when schools, families, and communities become true partners?

The word Engagement, according to Webster's Dictionary, has multiple meanings. For our schools and districts there are two we should pay particular attention;

  1. Emotional involvement or commitment

  2. A hostile encounter between forces

When dealing with change within your school both meanings can be accurate. Brian Jordan and Gary Sechrist from KASB's leadership team will work with Administrators on developing strong commitment and involvements between the school/district and the community along with tips and thoughts to avoid hostile encounters.

Don't miss this opportunity to share and learn along with other methods to improve an already effective plan or establish a new plan.

The day will focus on:

Engaging families and community

Determining if we are reaching people

Using parent friendly language

Utilizing Social media

Review of different resources for communicating and working with the community and parents

Advocating for your school

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