Producing School News for Media Outlets


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October 18 - Goddard

January 24 - Topeka

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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Richard W. Brundage 
President & CEO, 
Center for Advanced Media Studies

Brief session description:

In an age of “instant news”, schools will need to respond in minutes, not hours or days to events that have or will create media interest.


In the past, these schools have responded to or reacted to events rather than having been proactive by shooting, editing and posting their own news stories before media inquiries begin.


By reacting to news, schools have traditionally been playing ‘catch up’, rather than being the prime source for credible news in fast moving events.  One only has to look at the recent past to see how devastating being simply reactive can be.  Recent studies suggest that 92% of all stories during the first hours or days of a crisis event contain major factual errors.  Schools involved in those crises spend countless hours correcting the media’s erroneous reports, and more hours trying to field questions that easily could have been answered factually by the school district beforehand.


If school districts truly want to see an accurate portrayal of events on the evening news, with facts instead of speculation, they must actively become engaged in producing their own “news”, and make it available to all media outlets on their websites, within minutes of any event.

Richard Brundage, author of the critically acclaimed book, “The Heart In Communicating”, and the upcoming novel, “The 5 O’clock Follies” is one of the world’s premiere crisis communicators and media response trainers, an award winning television director, former anchor and correspondent. His programs have appeared on national television, and his seminar “Hi-Touch Communications in a Hi-Tech Era -Crisis Communications & Media Response Training for Today's Leaders” is being taught around the world.

Brundage has been a guest lecturer at many colleges and universities, law enforcement academies, and has conducted training for national leaders at the Federal Emergency Management Training Center, the U.S. Army War College, and the National Defense University.

As an Army officer, Brundage served two combat tours in Vietnam, was awarded three Bronze Stars, the Air Medal, and in 1974 was one of only two Captains selected for the Army’s prestigious Command and General Staff College.

In the 80’s, while producing and directing nationally syndicated television programs, he began training executives how to respond to the media in critical situations, and created The Center for Advanced Media Studies, were he currently serves as the President and CEO.  In the late 90’s, Richard Brundage was asked to become a National Advisory Council Member helping to develop performance standards for risk communications in emergency response. 

In 2004, he delivered the keynote address on Risk Communications for national leaders. That appearance resulted in Brundage being invited to be part of The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) national training program. His writings and performance methods were incorporated into the CDC’s training manuals on Critical Communications Training, which were distributed worldwide to public health officials. 

Today, his clients are worldwide, and he is on ‘the next flight out’ basis for several major U.S. corporations in case of an actual crisis, and he was selected by the U.S. State Department to train new U.S. Ambassadors prior to their taking their posts around the world.

Brundage has been part of national network sports television teams for major sporting events around the country for NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, Madison Square Garden Sports, NASCAR Racing, Winston Cup Series, American League Baseball, Prime Ticket, MLS Soccer and NCAA basketball.

    3 - National Gold Telly Awards
    3 - Gold Medals - International Television Association
    4 - Awards of Distinction - ITVA
    1 - Silver Medal - Houston International Film Festival
    1 - Bronze Medal - New York Film & Video Festival
    President and Chairman of the Board, Kansas City Chapter, International Television Association