USA-Kansas Leadership Idea Exchange

We are excited to offer an opportunity for principals to come together to share ideas related to current challenges they are facing or innovative ideas they want to implement in their schools with a new series focused on empowering leaders to collaborate in professional networks to help one another solve the adaptive challenges they are facing.  

Leadership networks will be created around 5 key research based areas to promote student learning and achievement.

  • leading instruction 

  • managing change 

  • developing people 

  • shaping a positive school culture 

  • meeting the needs of diverse learners

If you are a leader facing a challenge or wanting help to process an innovative idea to address any of these 5 key areas this is a professional learning opportunity for you!  You will have time each month to work with a group of peers who are addressing situations with similar themes.  This time will be focused on helping one another explore ideas, consider possibilities, and leave with next steps toward your challenge or innovation.   Participants will work in cohort groups over the course of the spring semester to support growth in each leader and strengthen their professional network. 

What Does the Research Say?

​Effective principals can generate better outcomes for the teachers, students and the schools they lead. But great principals don’t grow on trees; they receive high-quality development and ongoing support.

Researchers have synthesized two decades of research on principal professional development and have found that high-quality learning programs for future and current principals are associated with improved outcomes such as princip​als’ feelings of preparedness, teacher satisfaction and retention, and student achievement. 

Mentoring and coaching were influential and valuable for current principals, along with collegial learning networks and applied learning, the report finds.

- Wallace Foundation 2021