Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

Did you know most many top-level CEOs and CFOs have their own executive coach? This includes some of the top superintendents across the country and the state of Kansas.

Why? It can be lonely at the top! Executive coaches work to help leaders improve their performance and their organization as a whole. Executive coaches serve as neutral sounding boards to clients, giving organizational leaders a listening ear as they work through decisions or seeking personal improvement by supporting them to gain more awareness about how to reach their goals. An executive coach can come alongside and encourage the leader towards greater motivation, increasing their momentum as they continue to inspire the people in their organization to achieve success.

USA-Kansas and the Kansas Leadership Center have worked together to train a host of Kansas coaches who you can hire to serve as your personal Executive Coach. Contact Marty Stessman to discuss how to get started.

  • Content:  Team Leadership Coaching Sessions Designed specifically to meet the needs of the school or district.  Team members will be determined by the district. 

    • Culture

    • Learning & Student Achievement

    • Accreditation Planning

    • Community & Family Engagement

  • Location:  Customized by school/district - onsite, Zoom, combination

  • Dates:  Customized by school/district - weekly or monthly


"The Executive Coaching experience has been invaluable for my growth and development as a district leader. USA's staff has been able to provide a customized experience that truly caters to my individual needs. Furthermore, the ability to remain flexible and adaptive to my specific situations proved to be invaluable. I would truly recommend this service to anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level." -Kellen Adams, Superintendent, Chanute USD 413

-Kellen Adams, Superintendent, Chanute USD 413  

"Having a coach has been beneficial to me as I have transitioned into the Fort Scott School District. He has helped me to think through situations as he asks me questions to challenge my thinking so I can see all sides of an issue. He has also been extremely helpful as I develop plans for the future in the district. Again, his thought-provoking questions and our discussion has been helpful as I further develop those plans. Now matter how long I have been a superintendent; I find that having a coach is beneficial. He pushes me to grow as a leader through this process. I learn something new about myself as a leader each time we meet." -Destry Brown, Superintendent, Fort Scott USD 234


"As district leaders, we must continue to seek individual growth opportunities in the same manner, we would expect our teachers and staff to pursue. However, individual professional development or coaching opportunities for district leaders are very limited. Dr. Stessman and USA Kansas provide outstanding coaching opportunities for superintendents and district leaders. These include individual growth or leadership skills and assessing and addressing current district challenges. There is value in this opportunity for everyone, regardless of where you are in your leadership journey. " -Ryan Bradbury, Superintendent, Wellsville USD 289


"As a district leader, it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day busyness and not focus on the important stuff. Marty's visits provide a time for me to focus my thoughts on those most important things and help me to grow as a leader. I originally signed up because I felt that if I asked my teachers and principals to engage in coaching conversations, it was important to model that. As I participate each month with my coach I find that he can be an outside voice that helps me clarify priorities, think through solutions, and handle difficult conversations." -Amber Wheeler, Superintendent, Humboldt USD 258

-Amber Wheeler, Superintendent, Humboldt USD 258  

"I highly recommend administrators utilize the executive coaching sessions provided by Dr. Stessman, Director of Executive Services, and sponsored by United School Administrators of Kansas (USA-KS). Dr. Stessman spent 7 coaching sessions, 60 - 90 minutes in length, being an active listener who helped me to go deeper with my thinking on leadership issues and addressing adaptive challenges within USD 461 Neodesha Schools. The information discussed in each executive coaching session is kept strictly confidential. This opportunity has been some of the best professional development I have received since becoming a superintendent of schools." -Juanita Erickson, Superintendent, Neodesha USD 461