We are excited to share some BIG news!  Starting this fall, USA-Kansas, in partnership with KASB, KSDE, and KELI will kick off a statewide development plan designed to enhance and build the leadership capacity of administrators. Elevate Leadership will combine the camaraderie of a monthly Leadership Cohort focusing on MCREL's Balanced Leadership, and an Individual Learning Plan designed to elevate the leadership skills of each administrator participating based on the NASSP Building Ranks program. In 2013, the Wallace Foundation determined the building principal accounts for 25% of a school impact on student achievement.

Over the next three to five years, USA-Kansas will work directly with 200-300 school and or district leaders to guide them through a learning process designed to elevate leadership skills to sustain a culture and academic system necessary for Kansas to lead the world with
World-Class Leadership and World-Class Student Success!

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