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With Dr. Jack Fletcher

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

PLN District Members - NO COST

USA-Kansas Members - $100

Non-Members - $200

Teachers - $100

Current Approaches to Learning Disabilities and Reading Interventions Including Dyslexia 


KASB Building - Topeka

This presentation will focus on advances in research on the nature and treatment of children with reading disabilities.  A specific discussion of dyslexia will be provided, with attention to causes of reading disabilities, including recent brain imaging research. The presentation will include examples of neuroimaging techniques, demonstrations of how they are applied in intervention studies, and recent findings indicating normalization of these patterns with effective intervention. Recent research on preventing and remediating word level reading disabilities will be presented from the viewpoint of a three- tier model that coordinates primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of intervention. The presentation will then move to a discussion of automaticity issues in reading, concluding with a discussion of Specific Reading Comprehension Disabilities (SRCD). The relation of instruction in general and special education will be emphasized. Characteristics of effective interventions for each level of difficulty and for students in general will be discussed.
Objectives: 1. Obtain an in-depth exposure to current research on reading disabilities; 2. Understand the implications of this research for assessment and intervention; and 3. Evaluate different instructional models for prevention and remediation of reading problems in children.