Understanding & Utilizing Student Data


9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

PLN District Members - NO COST

USA-Kansas Members - $100

Non-Members - $200


Serve as an introduction to the knowledge and skills necessary for educators to be assessment literate. Offer a framework to organize ideas about assessment literacy. Provide strategy options that support participant use of assessment literacy concepts and provide ideas to help leaders support their teams.


For any assessment to truly serve its purpose, educators must be able to interpret and apply the data to support student learning. After all, helping students grow to their fullest potential is the whole point of having an assessment system. By using assessment data to inform instruction, your teachers can help every kid learn—no matter where they are currently performing academically.  

Many educators enter the classroom with little background about using assessment to influence and support instruction. To make a school or district investment in assessment pay off for everyone—especially students—you need to make assessment literacy a priority, and incorporate it throughout the school year. 


What do we mean by assessment literacy? Why should it matter to different stakeholders in the educational ecosystem? Using assessment as a support for learning, this session allows participants to better understand the important concepts related to assessment literacy and engage in initial planning for implementing these concepts at the classroom and school levels.


Learning Targets

  • Describe attributes of an assessment-literate educator

  • Make a case for assessment literacy in your context

  • Connect purposes and uses of assessment to impacts on a district and its work


Success Criteria

  • Identify characteristics of AL educators in their district

  • Make connections to past and present district initiatives

  • identify priority aspects of AL in your context