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Keynote:  “Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections.”

Mix thousands and thousands of black leather, bandana wearing, tattoo bearing Harley-Davidson riders with a 100th Anniversary and one beige rental car and the end result will be the perfect metaphor for connecting with others: “Nice Bike.”

Join Emmy award-winning speaker, Mark Scharenbroich as he takes you for a fun ride on how to be effective at making meaningful connections in both your professional and personal life. His Nice Bike principle is supported by three strong actions: Acknowledging, honoring and connecting.

Mark tells engaging stories focused on the relationship side of creating results, connecting administrator to faculty, team member to team member, teacher to student and student to student.  Schools with a strong culture of connections drive improvements in academic performance.

Mark has spent his career speaking in more than 3500 schools throughout North America.  Along the way, he has discovered the keys that transform good schools into schools of excellence. 

Credentials: Award Winning Author of Nice Bike - Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life, Emmy Award® winner for an ABC TV special, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame Inductee, Golden Apple and Silver Screen Film award for his movie, The Greatest Days of Your Life…(so far), International film festival award winner.



Breakout:   Building Connections — 100 Ideas to Improve School Climate


According to a Minneapolis-based research organization, Search Institute, a study done on healthy youth shows that only 29% of middle and high school students feel that their school provides a caring, encouraging environment. When students have a strong, positive connection to their school, academic results follow.

After speaking in more than 3,500 school districts across North America, Mark is an expert on improving school climate that result in improved performance. Mark will share the key actions school leaders take to build a strong culture of respect and excellence.  He will also take the audience on a visual tour of amazing schools that highlight their best practices to connect.